Open when you can’t sleep

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You can’t sleep from the story Open When Letters by Lisa20(Lisa 3) with 47reads. You always stay up way too late, silly! This envelop included some cute pictures and comic strips along with some funny pictures about things we do to help us fall asleep.

Open When You Can’t Sleep- A letter, sleep quotes, herbal melatonin and a sleeping mask. If you’re paying credit card interest you could save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress by transferring your balance to one of these cards. You clamp your eyes shut, refusing to open them up for any reason.

Here’s a list of things to do when you just. Usually I go to bed when I can barely keep my eyes open but when I have. The next time you can’t fall asleep, relax deeply by being mindful and then letting go . Today’s post is going to to revolve around Open When.

I also included the article: Reasons You Can’t Sleep and How to Fix Them.