Too short skirt

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Girls – Here is When Skirts and Dresses Are Too Short (1pics) entry added to the Girls section on Acidcow. Almost every idol has worn a skirt that’s been a little too short. Here are times when female idols wore skirts that were just WAY too short! How to Know How Short of a Skirt Is Too Short. Very interesting experiment with a girl in a mini skirt – Duration: 1:30.

When girls in too short skirt and wind not friendly. GMTV – Penny Smith – skirt too short .

A SCHOOLGIRL sent home because her skirt was ‘too short’ has blasted her school for being sexist. Adelle isn’t sure how to talk to two young women in her office, Laura and Jane, about their not-quite-professional-enough-for-work attire. Yet most women’s closets contain at least one mini skirt.

Back in the day, if your skirt was too short you were sent home from school.