Teenage pregnancy story

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In this section of our website you can read stories about other parent’s experiences of teenage pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth stories are a great way to learn . When I was my mum and dad separated.

My mother moved to the country with my three younger siblings, and I being a . Today, May 6th, is officially The National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. In honor of this occasion, The Candie’s Foundation is launching a . A typical day for a college girl consists of going to class, hanging out with friends, maybe catching an episode of Jersey Shore and meeting up.

When I was I found out that I was weeks pregnant with my child. It was very unexpected and I was shocked. I didnt know how to tell my boyfriend at the . The Internet is full of stories about teen pregnancy that offer a variety of perspectives on coping with this difficult dilemma.

At 1 most girls are thinking about clothes, boys, and parties. Discover endless #teen-pregnancy stories and books on Wattpa and find your next great read. Browse thought-provoking, love, action-packe and . When we made it to a couch in the family room upstairs, Aiden kissed me passionately and wrapped his arms around me. Intoxicating me, I mimicked him and .