Teenage pregnancy statistics worldwide

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Adolescent fertility rate (births per 10women ages 15-19) from The World Bank: Data. United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects. For the latest information on adolesent pregnancy and sexual and reproductive health.

Among countries with reliable evidence, the highest rate among 10- to 14-year olds was in Hungary. The proportion of teen pregnancies that ended in abortion . Highest Teen Pregnancy Rates Worldwide Teenage Pregnancies can cause a slew of chronic medical and behavioral issues for the resulting . Every day in developing countries, 200girls under age give birth. Adolescent pregnancy is generally not the result of a deliberate choice – these girls . Discover the countries with the highest pregnancy rates in the world by sneaking into our discussion today!

Well, I guess parents around the . Contraceptive use among adolescents is increasing in many countries, as is age at first marriage. Rates of adolescent childbearing have also dropped .