Strippers at a bachelor party

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What happens if your fiance gets a lapdance at a bachelor party? I’ve been a stripper for several years now, entertaining at four to six bachelor parties a month all over Texas and Louisiana. With bachelor parties, they just wanted to let loose and get drunk and rowdy.

Sure, there was usually a stripper or two and some drugs floating . She thinks it’s disgusting’: Man whose girlfriend is furious that he saw strippers at a bachelor party asks for advice – but some insist his actions . Bachelor parties are supposed to be all about strippers and cocaine and men behaving badly—think American Wedding and assless leather . While not all bachelor parties include sex, the combination of booze, male bravado, and strippers is a heady mix that moves some men to do .

This section includes some tips on how to get the most from a stripper. Bachelor parties aren’t exactly what they used to be. Rather than the stereotypical evening of strippers and stogies, many men today are opting for other types of . San Francisco Bachelor Party Dancers – Duration: 3:36.

His bachelor party consisted of the men partying and watching football, and then eventually retiring to his friend’s house for full nude strippers in a show.