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Growing up, we all thought one-pieces were strictly created for our moms wanting to be modest demure, but over the past few years, that . One piece swim, Black one piece swimsuit and Swimsuit for body. Louisiana blogger, white swimsuit, Nordstrom swimwear, .

There’s been a resurgence of one-piece suits in the last few years, and this new crop is not just for Mama (or Grandmama). Wear a one piece that is sexy and comfortable. As Seen on Snapchat; Blog Guide +. I have been on the hunt for a super flattering one-piece swimsuit for quite some time!

It is probably the most flattering one-piece I have ever tried on. We have nothing against bikinis, but there is something exceptionally sexy about one-piece bathing suits. Maybe it’s the fact that they leave . Fashion is Always Cyclical For a while, bikinis and swimwear offering less moderate coverage were dominating beaches all over the U. Sometimes leaving something to the imagination can look even more flattering than bearing it all in a bikini. When you pick the right one, a one piece swimsuit or .