Indian short movie

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Thanks for watching Why Short Film, for more . A mystery writer struggling with writer’s block, a garbage collector who knows too much and an enigmatic ‘Girl in Red’. Pocket Films is THE platform for the best short films.

Romance, comedy, action, thriller, horror, we have it all. Come, get your daily fix of shorts here. With the growing influence of the Internet, short films are increasingly attracting more viewers and have become a popular medium for . The story is a compilation of short films.

Watch the best short films from India, including Raah by Prateek Payodhi, Satisfied? Aliakbar Campwala, and Lullaby by Poojitha . Short films are the under-appreciated cousins of feature films. It hardly matters how many accolades they garner or how much effort goes into . Watch the best and award winning short films from India.

Comedy, Suspense, Drama short films from renowned directors. Considered one of the most honest forms of film making, short films provide a highly effective medium to narrate films that leave an impact.