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Studying abroad in a Japanese high school may allow students to discover what living. By staying with a host family, foreign exchange programs to Japan may . Enrolling in a student exchange program in Japan shows real commitment to mastering the Japanese language. Our foreign exchange programs in Japan focus . My host family was fantastic and they made me feel at home.

Japan offers many after school club activities which were a great . Learn about Japan and hosting a Japanese high school student by volunteering with.

Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. Do you find yourself dreaming of sushi and temples, manga or mecha in the Land of the Rising Sun? Becoming an exchange student in Japan may be the path . Student exchange refers to a university dispatching a foreign student to another university with which it has an inter-university exchange agreement and having . The department at the Japanese university in charge of foreign exchange students inquires with the relevant undergraduate or graduate school regarding . Just wondering how foreign exchange students are treated by the general Japanese population.

Is it easy to make friends and have a good . How NOT To Host A Japanese Exchange Student Un-awkwarding. The question every foreign student studying in Japan seems to ask is, “How do I find a job while I’m in Japan?