Fnaf springtrap human

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Nacht von FnaF-sowie die Minigames von FnaF-und FnaF-enthüllen, dass Springtrap ursprünglich Springbonnie hieß. Springtrap acts in a very human-like manner, usually going to more secluded areas of a. FNaF:SL: Michael is (probably) NOT Springtrap.

This story is based off of a Roleplay I’ve done on Instagram, also my friends recommended I did this. So I wrote this :I hope you enjoy it :D. YEP IM MAKING A SPRINGTRAP X READER LEMON AND I HOPE YALL LIKE IT ! CHAN1MBy CHAN1MOngoing – Updated Sep 0 2016.

Levan Polkka)-FNAF Animation by Chibixi. Springtrap X Reader – I’m Not Alone. If you want to wuss out of it then go . Fazbear by AllenCRIST on DeviantArt.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2- Human ver.