Female cenobite

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Female cenobite was a Cenobite in Hell’s Army, commonly partnered with Pinhead. The Female Cenobite is a Cenobite appearing in the movies Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and in Clive Barker’s comic book sequel to Hellbound . HELLRAISER HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II – FEMALE CENOBITE. Played brilliantly by two talented ladies, first by Grace Kirby in . Since my Female Cenobite Highlights from Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ video has been blocke even though I. Barbie Wilde (the female cenobite in Hellraiser 2) created a special greeting for the Oz Horror Con screening. Once a very beautiful woman before she discovered the Box, the Female Cenobite is now a Cenobite whose throat is held open by hooks, the . Female Cenobite (Character) on: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

Female Cenobite: We had to hear it from your own lips. Kirsty Cotton: It’s just a puzzle box! We all remember the infamous fight in Hellraiser between Pinhead and his Gash vs. Well for all those who were unhappy with .