Fallout 4 army fatigues

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Army fatigues are a wearable clothing item in Fallout 4. Army fatigues can be worn underneath. Military fatigues is a set of clothing that can be obtained in Fallout 4. The fatigues consist of a durable, weatherproofed four pocket field jacket that reaches down to the thighs, a pair of trousers with cargo pockets, . For an overview of military fatigues throughout the Fallout series, see Fatigues. Dirty army fatigues is an clothing-type item in Fallout 4. Fixed some cliping issues with CBBE body type and Army Fatigues.

ShapeData and SliderSets included for both Army and Military Fatigues. I’ve mixed in the Harness, Army Fatigues, Combat Armor Chest Piece,. The Creating an armour for Fallout tutorial from the Nexus , . This is a CBBE Bodyslide conversion for OpenSaucer’s Camo Variations for army fatigues mod.

A place for any and all discussion about Fallout 4. Dirty Army Fatigues are some of the the best clothes I’ve found yet.