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Springfield VS Shelbyville – Bart Has A lookalike – The Simpsons – Duration: 4:52. I simpson – Kwyjibo in italiano. Bartholomew JoJo „Bart“ Simpson ist eine Hauptfigur der Zeichentrickserie Die Simpsons und ein Mitglied der gleichnamigen Familie.

Cowabunga is also commonly associated with Bart, although it was mostly used on the show after it had been used as a slogan on the T-shirts. The Simpsons‎: ‎‎Simpsons Roasting on an Open. Shorts‎: ‎‎Good Night‎ (1987)Voiced by‎: ‎Nancy CartwrightOccupation‎: ‎4th grade student at ‎Springfield El.

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Bart schreit es, als er mit seinem Schlitten zur Tür rennt. Bart Simpson also continued cowabunga’s legacy in the ’90s, however Bart’s trademark phrase is largely due to a T-shirt that appeared with . Am I wrong or does Bart say Cowabunga in the first season while he is skateboarding in The Tell Tale Head? You must register as a member before you can post at the NHC; registration for new accounts is free.

Cowabunga started life as a nonsense wor kawabonga. It was invented by Edward Kean, writer of The Howdy Doody Show, a children’s TV show .