Breast milk pump

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Unsure how to pump and store breast milk? Wondering if pumping can help you increase your breast milk supply? Find out all you need to know about breast .

Are you looking for a breast pump? Medela offers top-of-the-range breast pumps, from high-end electric devices to discreet manual pumps. Medela provides useful breast pumping tips for mums on how to express milk and get a good breast milk flow.

Jessica demonstrates how to use a manual pump to express breastmilk and shares some tips for successful pumping.

Filling bottles with breast milk really isn’t complicated once you’ve gotten the knack of pumping. Learn more about breastfeeding and pumping from What To . Expressing is taking milk from your breast without your baby latching on. You can use a pump or do it by hand.

Find out the easiest ways to express and store . Expressing you milk by hand takes a little practice, but when you’ve got the knack it. Pumping breast milk makes life a lot easier when you’re nursing a little one. It allows you to store as little or as much milk as you want .