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TrackList Body Pump (Les Mills). Practica Vida; videos; 541views; Last updated on Jul 1 2015. Mix – Bodypump Video Assessment #1.

BODYPUMPTAKEHOLLYJO VAN DE VELDE. Body Pump New Release Les Mills Quinto Aniversario Fitness Sports Valle las Cañas by PerfectPixel. BODYPUMP es la clase original con barra y discos que fortalece y tonifica todo el cuerpo.

Bruce Raffel Thanks for reply – that’s a shame as there are other examples on but the quality isn’t.

Livzach; videos; 14views; Last updated on Jul 1 2015. Are Body Pump Classes A Waste Of Time? Les Mills BodyPump track (Squats) presentation in Reebok Fitness Festival 20- Tallinn.

Marta Ortega Miranda – Duration: 6:52. Bodypump tracklist (audio only). Romuche; videos; 1views; Last updated on Mar 2016. Body Pump Track – TAFADMADRID – Duration: 5:01.

Autoerotique 4B – BukeSquats 3. Explore Video, Video Assessment, and more!

Les Mills BodyPump music track listings. Combined continuous tension training with bursts of high-intensity intervals to perfection. Bodypump Video Assessment #-. Les Mills Tracklists for BODYPUMP. Poster, No#, Song Title, Artist, Licence.

BODYPUMP 9 Outside, Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding, Licensing unknown.