Video of birth home

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After watching this documentary, we decided to have a home birth. I’ve been watching a lot of birthing videos lately because I want to work towards becoming a Doula and. Baby is really making mom work hard to push him out while he tries to stay .

Hi Amanda, It is the doula, Emilee, who was standing right beside me during the actual birth that was talking. You can see her on screen earlier. There are 7videos about “homebirth” on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The Best selection of home birth videos.

Here you will find birth videos for everyone, including your children. A water birth is when you labor and give birth in… you guessed it, water! Usually this is a birthing tub in your home, a birthing center, or at select hospitals. The Peaceful Homebirth of Baby Chiu #2.

Natural Water Birth – Birth Center. Home births can be filled with love, happiness and lots of excited children. Just ask Susanna and Brian Cox, who welcomed their fifth chil .