Stag urban dictionary

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I met a STAG at the bar who invited me to his home when he noticed his wife. Savion is known for being a douchebag so he will be going stag to prom. Going somewhere, especially a crowded event solo. Dave and of his mates went to Blackpool for his stag party, we dressed him up as a slutty girl, trashed the hotel, got into several fights and ended up spending . See stag – refers to a male only social event prior to a man’s marriage.

A dominant monogamous husband who shares his wife with other men during sex for his or her sexual pleasure. Any man who brings a camera to a stag night may be legally killed and eaten by his friends.

An individual who is straight that hangs out with gay people. Jack is such stag fag-all he does is hang out with Ryan, buy his little kids toys,. John and Pete are so close it’s sometimes hard to recall John’s just a stagfag. The fag stag forms a unique relationship with the gay men he associates with.

Benefits of this relationship are social and ego related improvements for the fag . A straight guy who has a gay guy as a frien and who has no problem with going to gay bars.