Springtrap fanart

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Want to see art related to springtrap? FNAF Fanart) by Neytirix Happy Halloween! I should of drawn purple guy but I thought he was good on his own with his bow .

Springtrap Fan Art: OMG This looks so real! Springtrap and the vents by leda456. Давно хотелось нарисовать Фиолетового парня в костюме Спрингтрапа) Музыка в инто: Thousand Foot Krutch – War of Change Музыка в . FNAF – Springtrap Fan Art i hope you enjoy the video none of the images are mine thay belong to their rightful.

I used the same webcam as the previous hand drawing, but used a different software to recor so the actual. Omg ive have i gone crazy or is she is hot? Spring Trap: ok but im watching you.