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Silas Merritt Robertson (born April 2 1948), known as Si Robertson and often referred to as. Fans have come to love the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty over. Si also wrote of his son Scott, who was born two months premature in .

Uncle Si Robertson is now revealing the alcoholism, mental illness and suicide attempts. The couple has two grown children, Trasa and Scott. But it wasn’t always that way—Si Robertson, Dynasty patriarch Phil.

When Scott was angry, he was out of control and did a lot of damage.

Wacky yet incredibly loveable Si Robertson, known as Uncle Si on. Si, who has two children, Trasa and Scott, and eight grandkids. With their strong Christian family values, southern charm and sharp sense of humor, the Robertson family of AE’s hit reality show Duck . In Us Weekly’s exclusive Duck Dynasty special issue, Uncle Si Robertson reveals the real reason why his wife, Christine, doesn’t appear on the . Si Robertson: Bio, Quotes and Faith. Silas Merritt Robertson was born on April 2 1948.

Si’s son, Scott, was born on December 1 1977.