Shruti synth

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Shruthi benötigt das Motherboard und mindestens ein Filterboard. Waldorf, Ensoniq or DSI synth; and from what Shruthi users can attest, we have succeeded. Test: Mutable Instruments, Shruthi- Hybrid-Synthesizer.

Die Vorgeschichte zum Amazona Projekt Tyrell und Geräte wie die Sidstation . Shruthi synthesizer is a great DIY project for those who can do a soldering. Ordered my Mutable Instruments Shruthi SMR-Blue synthesizer from Reverb. If you’re handy with a soldering iron, buying the Shruthi gets you a lot of synth for your buck. For anyone in search of a monophonic synth module that offers . Mutable Instruments Shruthi synth. Not build by me but bought directly from Oliver at Mutable before he got into.

The Shruthi parameters are edited by blocks of four (one per potentiometer). ABOUT This DIY-synth has really spread. It’s only available as a DIY kit but it was sold over 20times, wow!