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Enjoy videos on a screen in your own virtual movie theatre by using the Oculus Cinema on Gear VR. To use this feature, follow these simple . The official video app from Oculus is your personal movie theater in VR.

Watch trailers, movies, or your own videos in a completely new and immersive way. The official Video app from Oculus is your own movie theater in VR! Littlstar is an immersive VR platform and community for mobile content and 360° Videos.

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Oculus Cinema on Samsung’s Gear VR Virtual Reality device is no called Oculus Video. A host of new functionality including Twitch, Vimeo, . Quick video on The gear vr’s oculus cinema 20and ill make a video showing you how to put movies in. We check out the virtual movie theater Oculus Cinema that ships with Samsung Gear VR!

In order to unlock the void theater, look straight up into a grey area while in. Start the Samsung Gear VR; Load the Oculus video app; Navigate to “My videos”. How do I watch 3D movies in my Gear VR?

Either way, you’re probably going to want the Oculus Cinema app to get started. If guess that you want to sit on the moon and watch Armageddon (1998) in your Oculus, through the Oculus Cinema app in your Samsung Gear .

StreamTheater – Hacking together MoonLight and Oculus Cinema for GearVR. To watch Gear VR 3D movies however, make sure to create a 3D folder. That will make it look good in Oculus Video Theater, as well as . The article shows an easy step-by-step guide on how to rip DVDs to digital movie files so that you can view DVD movies on Gear VR in Oculus Cinema.

Can’t seem to find it in the oculus store. Thanks to Samsung and Oculus it’s possible to take in and watch your movies in virtual cinema mode. Follow these steps to play 3D videos on . All worked really NICE in the Oculus Theater or whatever it’s called. READ: Best Samsung Gear VR Oculus apps (2016). But it all takes place in a virtual cinema, which we don’t really understand – because you . How to Play 3D Movies on the Samsung Gear VR No #vr #virtualreality #oculus #oculusrift #gearvr #htcvivve #projektmorpheus #cardboard #video #videos . Gear VR — a mobile VR headset from Samsung and Oculus.

I tried out a couple of 2D flicks in Samsung’s immersive VR theater. With the release of the highly anticipated “Ghost in the Shell Movie”, which is now available on Gear VR Oculus Rift, .