Masquerade ball forge of empires

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The Masquerade Ball is a special production building released during the 20Carnival Event. Forge of Empire Venice carnival starts on February 8th, 2017. New buildings are available as prizes: Masquerade Ball, Renaissance Villa, .

The Masquerade Ball gives your city happiness and can produce supplies, coin, goods, or forge points. After the fall of the first Napoleonic Empire in 181 Metternich led. In the interval between the state dinner and the masked ball, Metternich carried on the most . After that, Thi and Kai from Forge of Empires show their “Venice. Carnival of Venice in Forge of Empires Casanova, love, carnival and. On the masked ball, all hearts are coming to you: become the Top-Casanova of your neighborhood and secure yourself great rewards.

Carnevale di Venezia 20di Forge of Empires foe. Masquerade Ball che produrrà non solo .