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Other names‎: ‎Magic Wand Original; Original M. Slogan‎: ‎Powerful, penetrating vibrationsCountry‎: ‎JapanAmazon. RezensionenBuy Magic Wand Massager on Amazon. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

This item:Magic Wand Massager $46. Willkommen im Hitachi Magic Wand Shop. Hier den Original Hitachi Magic Wand.

Daneben führen wir aber auch Kopien, Nachahmer-Produkte und . Sicherer Einkauf und kostenloser Versand ab EUR. Official site of the Magic Wan America’s number one personal massager for over years. Europe Magic Wand ist ein sogenannter “Ball-top” Vibrator.

The Hitachi Magic Wand scoffs at other vibrators, maintaining it’s position as the all-powerful, while other vibrators merely quiver in comparison. The genuine Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is the best selling massager for over years. Get your Magic Wand with a full year warranty. Get your very own Magic Wand Original HV26 formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R for the most reputable source.

Why you might like to do this is presumably self-evident to anyone who owns one.

Audrey talks about the Hitachi Magic Wand and its amazing attachments. She explains how it can be used in a solo or partner setting as well as . De nieuwe Hitachi Magic Wand II Vibrator heeft exact de zelfde eigenschappen als de . The top of the line then was called the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R. Find great deals on for Hitachi Magic Wand in Full Body Massagers. When it comes to personal massagers, you can’t beat the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Want the Original Hitachi Magic Wand? Suggest you check out the competition! This week, two reviewers took on the Hitachi Magic Wand. Betty Dodson christened this the “Cadillac of Vibrators” in the . It’s not labelled Hitachi Magic Wand because Hitachi no longer wants its company name associated with this product.

The Magic Wand which, fun fact, no longer uses the Hitachi brand name. If you’ve never cleaned the Wand’s hea you may need to do a .