Hidden camera in room

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How do I find a hidden camera in my room? Look carefully around your room and do not underestimate any object. This involves a slow, meticulous sweep of the room or building you suspect is wired .

A Pennsylvania family was horrified when they say they discovered a hidden camera recording them in their hotel room. Not everyone placing a hidden camera does it in the smartest way, and you may be able to find them with a careful examination of the room. If you’re ever in a dressing room or hotel room, and you feel like you’re being watche it would helpful to know how to find hidden cameras.

Do you feel like you’re being watched?

Maybe you just want to make sure your privacy is protected. Here are some different ways to locate hidden cameras and . Generally, hidden cameras will not be tiny holes in the wall, as that would require construction. To properly sweep for a spy camera you will first .