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Im Wrestling haben sich im Laufe der Zeit spezielle Bezeichnungen herausgebildet. Eine der bekanntesten (inoffiziellen) B-Shows ist WWE Superstars. Cheap Heat: Ein Wrestler – häufig ein Heel – bekommt eine negative. Turn: Gimmick-Wechsel eines Wrestlers vom Face- zum Heel-Status oder umgekehrt. In professional wrestling, a heel is a wrestler who is villainous or a bad guy, who is booked.

If a given heel is cheered over the face, a promoter may opt to turn that heel to face or vice versa, or to make the. An example is Roman Reigns who is a current top baby face in WWE, get booed in all his matches, while his .

This list will keep track of all the official babyface turns and heel turns that happen in WWE for the year 2017. At the beginning of this year, I’ve . WWE turned AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho to the dark side in 201 so which major stars should join them in 2017? Though the company has refused to turn him heel thus far, that needs to change.

The stacked babyface roster of Monday Night Raw demands it . Just because the builds for WWE WrestleMania 33’s big rivalries have been. Tagen – There have been some absolutely amazing heel turns in WWE history. No, not all of them panned out in the long run, but they did completely . Dean Ambrose On A Possible Heel Turn, ‘WWE: Uncaged II’ Release Saraya Knight Training Seminar.