Gear vr pc streaming

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All you need is an NVIDIA GeForce graphic card that is compatible with NVIDIA Shield GameStream, a Samsung Gear VR, a Bluetooth controller, a fast WiFi . So I just got the Gear VR, and it’s fantastic. Click here to jump to the Samsung Gear VR Controller section.

Screenflow for Mac, Camtasia for PC); Start your Samsung Gear VR. I am searching for a method to stream the contents of my PC screen as-is to the Gear VR. Request: Streaming from Oculus Home at PC to the.

Who is playing PC games with the Gear VR?

How to stream (to record a video) from Gear VR. Stream PC or other video source to Gear VR — OculusBeiträge20. Im Gegensatz zur Oculus Rift hat die Samsung Gear VR keine Verbindung zum PC.

Interessante Spiele bietet der PC genügend. Typical streaming of GearVR through Mobizen… as you can see the image quality is a bit blocky . Here’s a link to the apps I use to make this work: CB Enabler for GearVR: .