Garter snake

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Strumpfbandnattern (Thamnophis) ist der Gattungsname einer Vielzahl von amerikanischen. Seigel: The garter snakes: evolution and ecology. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, .

Many people mistakenly refer to these snakes as Garden Snakes, because the name sounds so similar to Garter Snake. Garter Snakes are very common, with a . Garter snakes are some of the most widespread snakes in North America. They can be found from Florida to Canada.

Most people will tell you that garter snakes are harmless, which they are, but probably not quite as harmless as you might think. Determine if the snake is a Gartersnake Appearance California gartersnakes are medium-sized slender snakes with a head barely wider than the neck and . One of the most commonly known snakes in Canada is the garter snake. They can be found anywhere in Canada and central United States . This page explains what to feed pet garter snakes; what not to feed them; how much they should be fed and how often, how to do it, and what to . Common garter snakes are highly variable in color pattern. They typically have three light stripes that run along the length of their body on a black, brown, gray, .