Fnaf withered chica

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Withered Chica is one of the animatronics and one of the main antagonists in Five Nights at. Chica, the Chicken (meist nur Chica genannt) ist ein Animatronic und Antagonist in FnaF-und FnaF-2. Sie ist Mitglied der Freddy Fazbear Ban gemeinsam .

Since I thought that this one was gooI’m going to let you decide whether if it’s good or not. Ye I’m back and also srry for being lazy and not animating anything for like a week or two. This is my sister’s withered Chica voice and she asked me to upload it since I have so many requests for this. Mix – Withered Chica Sing FNAF Song. Withered Bonnie Sing FNAF Song – Duration: 2:49.

Is it wired if I got creeped out a bit whilst making this? I hope you call enjoyed 😀 David Near’s Voice: . View and download withered chica Minecraft skins. Search for withered chica.