Fnaf chica song

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The fans asked for it, so the fans shall receive. Well, I tried to improve a bit with the lighting. From the first to last of the song I was like : HAHAHAHAHAHA XD.

Bonnie loves chica and foxy loves mangle. IF YOU WANT MORE , SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE LIKE! Chica’s had enough, and its about time.

Chica – Five Nights at Freddy’s song by MandoPony.

My song dedicated to Chica from popular indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s, featuring the vocals of PurpleRoselyn. SFM+FNAF-Chica+Song+Animated+by:MTG239Feat:Groundbreaking.

Chica is singing and Bonnie is playing da guitar. PROBABLY MY MOST POPULAR FNAF PROJECT . I love you all thanks for over 0Subscribers it means the world to me :D. Read chica’s song from the story canciones de fnaf by ardilla-kawaii (hey I’m matt) with 1reads.

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