Fluttershy and rainbow dash

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I am a cartoon fan i have to say this version of My Little Pony is really cute funny credit: MrPoniator. In Canterlot City, the human Rainbow Dash was living a pretty ordinary teenage life. Her worries day in and day out often involved if she could survive another .

Read Flutterdash (Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash) from the story Mlp Clopfics by MlpYUS with 15reads. Fluttershy was casually flying to Rainbow Dash’s place for . Out of all Rainbow Dash’s Friends Fluttershy and her are the closest but at times Rainbow Dash can get a little over protective. Rainbow Dash has a pet tortoise named Tank, whom she chooses out of Fluttershy’s offered animals in the episode May the Best Pet Win! Kind‎: ‎PegasusResidence‎: ‎Cloudominium over Ponyville; Clo. Other links‎: ‎Rainbow Dash image gallery‎; App.

Image – Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash confused S5E1. File:Fluttershy_and_Rainbow_Dash_confused_. Size of this preview: 6× 3pixels.