Flash sentry and twilight sparkle

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Flash Sentry ist ein Pegasus und königlicher Gardist aus Equestria Girls. Flash Sentry ist pflichtbewusst, freundlich und hilfsbereit. Flash Sentry reappears in Twilight’s Kingdom – Part where he has a. Twilight Sparkle accidentally bumps into him when entering the throne room, and he . I’m kinda glad Trixie prevented it.

The relationships the writers pull off, I just don’t like it. Punches Human Flash Sentry and then grabs him by the collar Don’t talk trash to Princess Twilight Sparkle.

This is cute but it probably would be cuter if flash wasnt under the spell. If u all remeber the beginning, flash. Hope you enjoyed watching, please Subscribe if you did! Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry are in love.

In The Trailer Twilight Sparkle Meets Wonderful Boy Called-. So Add Your Art Works With TwiSentry Twilight Flash Sentry Equestria Girls. Flash Sentry and Twilight_Egyptian Style by jucamovi1992. Twilight Sparkle looked at her pony humanized doubles for the final time and smiled and waved to .