Financial slave

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A person that gives money to another person, because the second person has some sort of hold on the first. It is usually due to expectation of love or some other . I even have my own live-in slave who is completely controlled by me. Before I ever became an online fin domme, I was practicing financial . At the class, she entered the room and began writing what it means to be a financial slave on a tiny whiteboard.

It’s Easter and you’ve been given lots and lots of eggs! But Noboru is hurting you and taking them all! And the strange thing is: you don’t really mind.

Now when you understand that the money is the root of all evil I will give you some tips that will help you to get rid of all of your money. Financial domination is the erotic fantasy in which the submissive (or money slave) gives gifts and money to the dominant person, the financial dominatrix or fin .