Fallout 4 ps4 pro fps

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Fallout 4’s new PSPro patch given a full analysis, with comparison to the standard PS- plus frame-rate tests versus the earlier patch with . We recommend Chrome for 4K viewing. Digital Foundry Patreon supporters can download a pristine.

In der nächsten Woche soll das versprochene PlayStation-4-Pro-Update für Fallout erscheinen. Fallout 4: Patch bringt bessere Grafik auf der PSPro. Der im Februar erschienene Patch zu Fallout ermöglicht nun Spielern der Playstation Pro in. Mit meinem ihatte ich ständig Einbrüche auf FPS oder noch . Anyone with a Pro tried this game out in 1080p? Is the framerate better than the PS4?

The PSPro patched version of Fallout gives players much more grass. Fallout 4: Das PSPro-Update in der Performance-Analyse. Fallout finally gets PSPro support with a 1440p native resolution, enhanced draw distances and higher-grade lighting. Fallout has received a brand new update today for the PSPro users.

Many outlets mentioned improved framerate on Pro, but 1080p to . There’s also HD mode, which runs at 1080p but with a FPS frame rate. PSPro with a 4K display: Bethesda said it expects the .