Fairy tail 2017

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First Trailer for Fairy Tail Dragon Cry movie being released Spring this Year. The End of Fairy Tail – 20Movie NATSU’S DEATH. Apparently, Fairy Tail is getting a new anime project sometime in 20I’m assuming, but it comes at a very interesting time, considering that the .

Die häufigsten Aussagen die ich bis jetzt gelesen hab sind Winter 20(steht so bei proxer), oder laut Foren so Anfang bis April 2017. Fairy-Loads zeigt euch alle Fairy Tail Anime-Folgen und Manga-Kapitel. Gekijôban Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (2017).

In the vast world of anime, there are few franchises out there that match Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail.

The anime debuted back in 20and has . The feature will be called Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. So far, it looks like the film is slated for a Spring 20release which will pair it with a slew of . Fairy Tail Manga Is Already In Its Final Arc. Fairy Tail fans, it could be time to start preparing your goodbyes.

This week, plans for the Fairy Tail Dragon Cry movie were officially published.