Cryos sperm bank

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Here you can search the world’s largest selection of sperm donors. We have more than 4sperm donors free of quarantine ready to deliver. World’s Largest Selection of Sperm Donors.

At Cryos International, we take great pride in the responsibility of helping create life, with which we. Normally, there are a great many questions to be answered in connection with ordering donor sperm.

In the menus you will find to all your important . Cryos International continues to proactively prevent the spread of Zika in sperm and egg donations. Read about how we screen every donor for the virus at our . The price level of donor sperm depends on a range of factors such as donor type (Anonymous or Non-Anonymous), donor profile (basic or extended), motility . Are you going to choose an anonymous or non-anonymous sperm donor and how much information do you want to have? Find your sperm donor in our sperm donor register at European Sperm Bank. We offer high quality donor sperm.

We are determined to give you the best fertility . When you become a sperm donor, you help those, who cannot have a child without assistance and make up to DKK 36a month in cash plus bonus.