Couples that swing

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To put it simply, swingers are couples, usually who are in committed. Swinging, also known as wife swapping or partner swapping, is a non-monogamous behavior. Furthermore, many websites that cater to swinging couples now exist, some boasting hundreds.

Stossel’s report in 20cited Terry Gould’s research, which concluded that couples swing in order to not cheat on their partners. Men and women who swing may have some important mental health strengths. In my clinical work, I find that monogamous couples are often . My husband and I had some confusion that we had to get straightened.

In fact, many couples who swing together paradoxically have even . One famous actor even claims that he lost his virginity in a swinging session. Other Hollywood celebrity couples rumored to hang around swinger clubs . We also joined a Web site for couples looking to meet other couples, making it clear in our profile that we were not looking to meet up just for . Another thing that you may want to consider is that several studies show that couples who swing or have open marriages tend to be happier . The subtitle of the same article says that those men and women who swing perhaps possess some important mental health strengths. They also like going to places like The Green Door, a nearby night club that hosts various swingers’ parties.