Circumcised female

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Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external . Age‎: ‎Days after birth to pubertyAreas‎: ‎Africa‎, ‎Asia‎, ‎Middle East‎ and within co. An anthropologist discusses some common misconceptions about female genital cutting, including the idea that men force women to undergo .

FGM or female circumcision involves partial or complete removal of outer female genitalia. Here’re some before and after pictures of female circumcision. This practice is much more common than you think, and there are some things you should know about female circumcision and genital . The practice of female “circumcision,” or traditional female genital surgery, is simultaneously complex and controversial.

Although some consider it a human . I recently had a conversation that challenged what I thought I knew about the controversial ritual known as. Among social activists and feminists, combating female genital mutilation (FGM) is an important policy goal. Sometimes called female circumcision or female . Midwives wait for the next girl to be brought in for circumcision in Bandung, Indonesia.