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Also might want to express and save in the freezer a couple ounces at a time check out my Breastfeeding channel and full version here. Learn how to express breast milk manually Founded in 201 SIKANA Health is one of programs created by the NGO SIKANA. Every mother should learn to hand express milk.

Here are some resources for learning this useful skill. Breastmillk Hand Expression The term ‘Hand expression’ means using one’s hands to obtain the milk. Hand expression should be in every . Expressing you milk by hand takes a little practice, but when you’ve got the knack it should be easy.

Our expert explains the best way to do it. Your hands should be washed before you attempt to hand express breast milk. If you washed your hands with cold water, let them warm up . Use this measurement as a guide, since breasts and areolas vary in size from one woman to another. Be sure the hand forms the letter “C” and the finger pads . Now that you are relaxed and ready to start expressing breast milk by hand move on from stroking your breast to the next stage:.

Breast pumps are a modern day miracle, but hand expression can definitely come in handy. In the first few days of breastfeeding, hand expression is often the . Everything you need to know about expressing and storing your breast milk, including tips on hand expressing and electric breast pumps, and how to freeze, .