Breast augmentation simulator

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Choose a similar body to yours, view breast augmentation simulations and actual surgical outcomes provided by Canfield Scientific. Use Mentor’s New You Visualizer on your desktop to get a visual approximation of your from breast augmentation.

Mentor’s New Your Visualizer allows you to see rendered estimates of the from breast augmentation surgery. Interested in Breast Enlargement wonder how your breasts would look? Our virtual tool shows how you might look after undergoing breast enlargement, .

The VR 4D 3D plastic surgery simulator can simulate breast augmentations using different implants, as well as facial procedures, such as Rhinoplasty, Botox . Example of breast augmentation simulated with the Plastic Surgery Simulator. Full minute video showing how the Vectra 3D computer capture and breast augmentation simulation. Breast augmentation can use silicone implants to change the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

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