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Somewhere between Pregnancy to Motherhood! Intense childbirth videos to show the strength of woman.

The website you are about to access contains graphic videos of childbirth which may be considered objectionable by some viewers. Please SUBSCRIBE and thank you for viewing! I was nervous but everything worked out great.

Visit our Natural Childbirth Video Galleries to see a woman giving birth naturally and help dispel any fears you may have about giving birth. Hi i am looking for pictures or videos of a birth chair i think from the 80s or 90s the. An anesthesiologist gives an epidural to a laboring mom, whose pain eases within minutes. Watch clips of live birth videos as you prepare to deliver your baby. The video captures a rare case of a baby born with its amniotic sac still intact.

Now maybe this will help someone who is going to go through this and to . Natural Vaginal Childbirth Delivery Video at Home in Water. Birth video – baby in posterior position – language warning .