Belly button piercing

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Belly Button Piercing If you’re considering having your belly button pierce but you have questions about the process, belly rings, belly . A traditional belly-button piercing is in the top half of the navel. A piercer creates a star or square shape by piercing the upper and lower lips of .

A navel piercing is a type of piercing located in, or aroun the navel. It may heal quickly and with no problems, like an ear piercing, or may heal more like a . Bellybutton piercings, Belly piercings and Belly bars.

Belly button piercings are one of the most popular forms of body art. They’re generally safe if a professional does the piercing with the right . G Black Enamel and Crystal Flower Belly Ring $12. Rainbow Ombre Belly Button Ring $12. Silver Toned Dragonfly Belly Button Rings $16.

I would’ve enjoyed this video if that CHICK IN THE BACKGROUND WANT SMACKING HER GUM. Watch as Lexii gets her first piercing! Her belly button was pierced by James at American Skin Art in. As for belly button piercing style, we’ve got you covered with the latest midriff trends including boho-chic belly chains, handcrafted creations, create-your-own .