Battlefield heroes comeback

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This is the chance to save Battlefield Heroes. Show your support and make this fun and entertaining game come back! BF heroes comeback — Battlefield Forums8.

Bring Battlefield Heroes Back — Battlefield Forums29. Beiträge – ‎AutorenThe chances that hey will bring back Battlefield Heroes is smaller than. Battlefield play4free coming back — Community Forums.

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We-want-battlefield-heroes-back-151. There are several who want battlefield Heroes back, and the best thing I can recommend is to post this on the forums to create. Emias Toft Hansen Is it 1 is Will come back. NOTE This isnt Battlefield Heroes, it is a MOD for Battlefield 1942.

Battlefield Heroes is the game I used to grow up with. I talked about it with my friends every day at school. We were young back then, maybe years old.

Solved: Dear EA, Please bring back Battlefield Heroes, a origin game. BRING IT BACK IM SAD I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR IT TO COME BACK.

For anyone who’s not aware, Battlefield Heroes is a cartoony, stylized take on the Battlefield series. Is the battlefield heroes theme a ‘never leave your mind’ borderline torture device for anyone else? This is petition for Change or share the ownership for Battlefield Heroes instead of.

Online shooter Battlefield Heroes is one of four games being shut down by EA over the next few months, it’s been announced.