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Shop American Girl doll furniture and accessories. MagiDeal Roten Pailletten Kleid Kleidung Für Zoll American Girl Doll: Amazon. Amazon Studios inked a multiyear pact with Mattel for four live-action specials based on the toymaker’s popular American Girl doll franchise.

Amazon’s first film in a series of specials inspired by the American Girl doll line pulls no punches. In the first two minutes of the film, which . Amazon announced Monday that it inked a deal with the toy company to make four live-action American Girl specials for Amazon Prime. Amazon Studios has partnered with toy manufacturer Mattel to produce ‘American Girl’ live-action specials.

If you are looking for some cute outfits and accessories for your new doll that you might be getting for Christmas, . As I mentioned here, through 2:59AM EST December 5th, Amazon. DETROIT — In 19Detroit, a 10-year-old girl named Melody is facing the realities of being black in America. Amazon has inked a multi year, multimillion dollar production deal with. American Girl’ Dolls Getting Live-Action Specials, Possible Series . Amazon Studios has teamed up with Mattel’s American Girl franchise for a series of live-action specials.

The incredibly popular “American Girl” doll collection will be getting their own live action series on Amazon Prime. It seems like the American Girl doll craze will never fade—and now fans have a new movie to look forward to this fall. Amazon just announced that it will .